New Hearing Loss Research Studies from Auditory Insight

Executives and managers evaluating investments in hearing healthcare require high-quality insights, well-researched points of view, and actionable data. To meet these needs, Auditory Insight has created a suite of research studies.

The studies leverage Auditory Insight’s unparalleled consumer-patient expertise in hearing loss, hearing healthcare thought-leadership, and analytical excellence.

The studies go beyond a simple analysis to create market context and provide strategic insights. Auditory Insight research studies are essential for developing engagement strategies, models of care, and revenue forecasts in hearing healthcare.

Created for

  • Hearing device companies – hearing aids, cochlear implants, hearables

  • Hearing healthcare drug therapy companies 

  • Big Tech companies addressing hearing loss

  • Venture capital and private equity firms evaluating hearing healthcare 

  • Analysts seeking to understand the impact of forthcoming OTC deregulation


  • Market size in 2020 and 2030

  • Market size by 5 core segments

  • Key untapped opportunities

  • Addressable market framework

  • Patient journey context


U.S. Online Hearing Testing and Best Practices for Patient Engagement in Response to Covid-19
  • Top 16 D2C and global online hearing tests
  • Analysis along 20 test dimensions
  • D2C vs. global brand comparison
  • Proprietary patient engagement framework
  • 10 illustrative best practice examples