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Our latest thinking on the key strategic questions facing device and biopharma executives in hearing healthcare.

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“Overcoming Hearing Healthcare Barriers to Realize Gene Therapy Promise,” MedCity News, February 2024

Multiple children around the globe, once profoundly deaf from mutations in the otoferlin gene, have regained much of their hearing, according to preliminary results of investigational trials.

“Outcome uncertainty suppresses patient adoption of cochlear implants,” MedCity News, April 2022

Patient barriers to treatment play a significant role in low penetration in the CI market.

4 Key Post-pandemic Trends for Marketing Hearing Care to Baby Boomers,” The Hearing Journal, August 2021

The pandemic has brought into relief four key trends from telehealth to health and fitness tracking for this generation.

Why consumers should make noise about Apple’s hearing health offering,” MedCity News, May 2021

An overlooked yet central aspect of Apple’s solution is that the AirPods Pro now integrates customized amplification with hearing protection.

“Lexie Hearing’s Innovations in the D2C Hearing Aid Market,” Hearing Health & Technology Matters, September 2020

Lexie Hearing’s D2C model of care anticipates OTC deregulation with a digitized onboarding process and in-situ hearing test.

“COVID-19 and the Electronic Mediation of Speech,” Audiology Practices, July 2020

The industry’s recent innovations in online hearing tests, direct ordering, and remote fittings demonstrate the kind of flexibility needed to succeed in this new world wrought by COVID-19.

Online Hearing Testing: Listen Lively and Patient Engagement,” Hearing Health & Technology Matters, July 2020

Online hearing testing at Lively is mission-critical because it marks the first step in the company’s D2C model of care.

“How device makers are responding to Medicare Advantage’s quiet revolution in hearing health,” MedCity News, October 2019

With hearing loss considered to be a social determinant of health, Medicare Advantage payers have taken a more comprehensive approach to hearing healthcare over the last five years.

“How are global hearing aid companies planning for OTC deregulation?” MedCity News, August 2018

Once the FDA finalizes guidelines, the six global hearing aid companies will face a trajectory familiar to other sectors that have shifted to OTC in the past.

“When healthcare devices go over the counter,” MedCity News, July 2018

An important trend contributing to the consumerization of healthcare is the transformation of select prescription categories to over-the-counter.

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“The convergence between hearables and hearing aids,” MedCity News, May 2018

The recent AAA 2018 convention in Nashville offered some examples of how the worlds of consumer listening devices and hearing aid technology are colliding.

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“Incorporating Stigma Counseling Into Audiology Practice,” The Hearing Journal, September 2018

The impact of stigma looms large, and incorporating stigma counseling into audiology practices is beneficial to patients and clinicians.

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“To OTC or Not to OTC? How Audiologists Need to Respond to Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids,” Audiology Practices, Lead Article, March 2018

My recommendation: audiologists should conduct market tests now to start formulating their product and service strategies for when the Over-the-Counter (OTC) regulations take effect.

“With OTC Hearing Aid Act signed into law, industry should focus on patient engagement,” MedCity News, September 2017

Hearing companies are advancing towards the starting blocks for what’s shaping up to be a new race to solve hearing loss. Before sprinting ahead, they need to assess the role of patient engagement in their go-to-market strategies.

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“Accommodating Active Lifestyles: Patient-Centered Hearing Care for Sports and Fitness,” The Hearing Journal, cover story, June 2017

Is today’s hearing health care caught up with the specific needs of hearing-impaired and physically active patients?

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“Added Value of Patient-Centered Hearing Care,” The Hearing Journal, May 2017

Audiologists have a window of opportunity, before over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids hit the market, to add value to their patient offering and differentiate their practices.

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“A Brave New OTC-World for Audiologists,” The Hearing Journal, February 2017

The FDA rocked the hearing-health world on December 7, 2016 by announcing its intent to consider a class of OTC hearing aids.

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