Nancy M. Williams, President

Nancy M. Williams leverages her expertise in new market development, patient engagement, and consumer insight, as well as her experiences as a hearing health advocate and person with hearing loss, to develop visionary solutions for companies solving hearing loss. Adept at breaking through conventional molds to create value, she has generated over $120M in new revenue in public and privately-held companies.

Prior to founding Auditory Insight, she created and ran the patient engagement business for HPOne, working with Medicare Advantage payers to close care gaps and improve Star Ratings through patient outreach.

Her articles in publications such as Hearing JournalMedCity News, and Hearing Loss Magazine are widely read by consumers and hearing healthcare executives alike. A prominent hearing health advocate and speaker with a specialty in addressing stigma, she has addressed thousands. She served on the Board of the Hearing Health Foundation for four years.

A deeply personal understanding of living with hearing loss informs Nancy’s strategic recommendations: she was fitted with her first hearing aid at age 12 and has worn them ever since.

Nancy holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Stanford University in Quantitative Economics, both with distinction.


“Deep and unique insight into the topic of stigma and hearing loss—from her experiences both as a person who has a hearing loss and as one who has a background in business and marketing…”

Barbara Kelley, Executive Director, Hearing Loss Association of America

“Provides incredible customer service, assuring clear understanding of our company’s needs and deftly matching her services to provide the right solution.”

Susan Semack, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Division, Morpace

“Visionary when it comes to putting together comprehensive communications strategies and programs to achieve results in quality improvement and member satisfaction…”

Ana Handshuh, Vice President, Managed Care Services, CFIM

“Top notch strategic thinker and marketer…keen ability to translate insights into high impact programs…quite versatile as a team leader and as an important team member, whatever the situation warrants.”

Howard Handler, CMO, Major League Soccer, previously CMO, Virgin Mobile USA

“Ability to set out a vision and strategy is impressive…patient and collaborative approach to working with others in the organization…”

Paul Stanco, Vice President, Marketing, HPOne