August 17, 2023 | PRESS RELEASE

Auditory Insight Outlines Best Practices for Hearing Loss Patient’s Journey

The firm’s consumer-patient journey framework applies across hearing healthcare, from OTC hearing aids to genetic testing

NEW HAVEN, Conn., August 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/Auditory Insight, a leading consultancy for the hearing healthcare industry, analyzes the central role of the consumer-patient journey in creating market development strategies—for interventions from hearing aids to genetic testing—in its Q3 2023 Research Note.

Download the research commentary: Go-To-Market Strategy in Hearing Healthcare – The Essential Consumer-Patient Journey

In many hearing healthcare interventions, market development strategies focus on unmet clinician needs. Audiologists decide which hearing aid brands to recommend in their clinic, while neurotologists who perform cochlear implantation recommend genetic testing.

Far too often, the strategy development process in hearing healthcare neglects to analyze the consumer-patient journey.

“We believe that’s a mistake,” declares Nancy M. Williams, president of Auditory Insight. “The consumerization of healthcare, in which consumers play an active role in managing their care, is an important force. Understanding the consumer-patient journey is more essential for strategy development than ever.”

Williams adds that the presence of global brands like Sony, Apple, Intel, and EssilorLuxottica in hearing aids and hearing enhancement will only accelerate the process of consumers driving their treatment.

Auditory Insight has developed a proprietary framework for analyzing the consumer-patient journey in hearing healthcare. The company deployed the framework across multiple sectors of hearing healthcare, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, and genetic testing.

The company’s latest research note describes four best practices for assessing the consumer-patient journey:

  1. Conceive of the journey in its totality, from consumer-patients first becoming aware of their hearing loss until they integrate the hearing intervention into their daily lives.
  2. Focus on the consumer-patient’s current journey, their actual lived experiences, including their struggles and difficulties, to find opportunities.
  3. Map the consumer journey along various dimensions; Auditory Insight uses multiple dimensions in behavioral, psychological, and structural domains.
  4. Integrate the consumer-patient journey with the experiences of other market stakeholders, like audiologists, ENTs, and genetic counselors.

Williams describes one engagement for a hearing healthcare company interested in increasing the prevalence of genetic testing. Comparing clinicians’ and consumer-patients’ experiences yielded tremendous insight. “We were stunned to learn that one key aspect of the clinical narrative actually suppressed patient interest in genetic testing. Audiologists and ENTs did not realize that in response to this common narrative, close to half of patients immediately shut down, ignoring recommendations,” she explains.

Williams is available to discuss this research and the implications for hearing healthcare companies.

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